Learn English live online in groups for natural motivation and creativty. Groups lessons are cheaper for individuals and acheive faster conversational fluency. Groups will be at the learner level and ablity. BRONZE- SILVER OR GOLD are the names of the paid packages available and NOT related in any way to the individual learning level according to the CEFR levels  or choose 1:1 lessons with tailor made courses to suit your individual needs, to suit your level and personal learning goals!

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 Boost Success, ConīŦdence And Self-Esteem in English.


Brettem English offers affordable English tuition that feels like face to face lessons online and in real time. All classes are in English for full English immersion and 100% attention, Just you and the same native teacher for 55 minutes.

Start learning from your very first lesson, Via live interactive classroom through www,learncube.com 

 English Group conversation courses:  suitable for complete beginners to advanced levels.


1:1 classes are 60 minutes and provides English Support for Children – We run crash intensive courses in English (basic phrases or specific topic areas useful for travel. Studying for an exam and need some help with Exam Preparation or want to teach you employees to speak and communicate in English. Online Business English courses tailored to your organisational needs. Whatever your workplace!
Courses are divided into manageable lessons to prepare you for situations you are likely to face. Learn how to write emails in English, answer English job interview questions and much more.


All 1:1 courses will focus on the four main parts of English language. Speaking – Listening - Reading and Writing. Covering the grammar, vocabulary, and language skills you need for effective communication.

 Group classes has focus on spoken communication-pronunciation and fluency and comprehension.


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Brettem English will endeavour to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our courses- packages or inquiries. Please either book a free consultation with no obligations or contact info@brettemenglish.com