Have you been trying to learn English but still cant speak it?


Learn English in groups for natural motivation and creativity.

We have  partnered up with learncube.com for a full interactive classroom experience.

I provide manageable and memorable English lessons for adults in a environment that optimises learning without the feeling of being overwhelmed, embarrassed or without the feeling of " how can I remember all that!



2 or 3 days a week to improve conversational fluency.

Positive results in 3 months 

when practising live for a minimum of 2 x 55 minutes per week 


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Learning English is like learning to drive a car

What!!! I hear you say, well...

Let's say you passed your theory test, does this mean you can actually drive or are in fact, a good driver? 


We all know learning to drive takes time.

You have to be realistic…

You’re not going to learn to drive in one or two days. 

So, the point being…

Language learning could be compared to learning to drive.


  • a) Walking is a skill we learn in order to get around and survive.

  • b) Driving is a skill we learn in order to get around faster and more efficiently.

  • a) Language is a skill we learn in order to communicate with others more efficiently.

  • b) Second language learning is a skill we learn in order to communicate with more people and get around more efficiently.

You have to practice in real time and in a real car to get all you senses engaged and to actually drive,

just as in learning to drive your senses need to be stimulated in order to be any good at it. You need to practice with real people in real time! 

As you made a time commitment when learning to drive , you should take the same attitude with learning a second language.


Let's take off the "L" plates and become good language drivers! 

What we offer...



1:1 lessons 


Intensive online English 10 day course -

60 minutes per day for 10 days 

For those who need to learn basic English phrases in a short space of time. 

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 If you don't know your level, you can start by taking an English Level Test.

You can evaluate your current level following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

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